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Purchasing a new home can be one of the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime. Having an unbiased, third party home inspection can bring perspective and peace of mind to the process. A well trained, experienced home inspector can save potential home buyers literally thousands of dollars in repair cost for deficiencies in the home that were either not disclosed or not evident.

I encourage buyers to accompany me on the inspection and to ask questions as we move through the inspection process. This enables me to familiarize you with the house and educate you on the operations and maintenance issues of the various systems in the house.

My property inspection reports are thorough, clear and concise, with digital photos for added clarity. Reports are delivered within 24 hours and in most cases the same day. and are emailed to the client in PDF format for fast, easy delivery, printing and storage.  After the inspection, we remain available for any questions or follow up that may be required.

Phase Inspections

When building a new home you expect quality, but may have your focus on the finished project.  Doing phase inspections during this process will make sure that your home is what you want it to be from the inside out.  With my 25+ years experience with new construction and remodeling, together we can make sure your investment is held to the highest standard. 

I can make recommendations, or you can choose the phases of your build you would like to have inspected.  

One Year Home Inspection

Don't get stuck with costly repairs.  Before your one year warranty on your new home expires get a home inspection.  We often catch many things that the contractor is responsible to repair at no cost to you.  Along with peace of mind that your investment is more secure you can know that your home is in good repair and safe for you family. 


      Are you preparing your home to place it on the market?

Most informed buyers will probably have a third party inspection performed on your home prior to closing. An inspection will almost always reveal the need for some deficiencies to be corrected before the buyers move forward on the purchase of the house. This could place you, as the seller, in a position to do some quick, hasty repairs to meet time constraints of the sales contract, which could cost considerably more than if you had time to do the repairs in a leisurely manner.  Getting your home inspected before you put it on the market will help eliminate these kind of surprises and could save you a lot of money on repair costs.

A pre-listing inspection is also a great sales tool. Having a pre-sales inspection performed will insure the potential buyers that you are concerned about their interest in the transaction and will give them more confidence to complete the purchase.  This pre-listing inspection gives you the ability to list your home with confidence.

Pre-Listing Inspection

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